Online Infection Control Course

Earn a Nationally Recognised Qualification for the Hospitality Industry

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has drawn attention to our need for strict and exacting measures when it comes to dealing with infectious disease. The hospitality industry is especially vulnerable to the spread of infection through viruses and bacteria due to the sheer amount of people who come through our restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and clubs on a daily basis. Equipped with decisive training and procedures however, we can mitigate these risks and hopefully prevent potential future infections lockdowns. This is why Complete Hospitality Training (CHT) is offering infection control training.


Why This Course?

Within the hospitality industry, essential hygiene practices keep improving but with infectious diseases continually evolving, we need to up our game as well as brush up on our existing knowledge. You can complete this entire course online and in the workplace, in your own time, saving your progress along the way. This system removes the need to enter a classroom altogether.


Course Content

This nationally recognised training course teaches the skills needed to follow for organisational infection prevention. The infection control course covers the policies and procedures used to prevent transmission, identify risks and respond to infection risks, which includes food handling. It consists of three outcome elements, which include but are not limited to the performance criteria listed below:

  1. Standard and additional precautions for infection prevention and control
    • Thorough hand hygiene
    • Respiratory hygiene
    • Environmental cleaning
    • Use of personal protection equipment
    • Safe handling, transporting and processing of linen
    • Disposal of contaminated waste
    • Identification and responding to situations requiring additional precautions
  1. Identification of infection hazards and risk assessment
    • Identifying areas of responsibility in infection prevention and control
    • Assessing risks and their likelihood of severity of harm
    • Documenting and reporting tasks which put clients and employees at risk
    • Identifying control measures to minimise risk
  1. Procedures for managing risks associated with specific hazards
    • Following exposure protocols
    • Spill removal
    • Minimisation of contaminated materials
    • Identification, maintenance and separation of clean and contaminated zones

For the full list of performance criteria view the Infection prevention and control training course breakdown.


Assessment Criteria

The performance aspect of this course will require evidence of the learner’s knowledge ability to complete the outcome element tasks and performance criteria by managing tasks and contingencies within their role.

They will have to show that they understand and have followed established infection prevention and control procedures such as hand hygiene, surface disinfection, use of personal protective equipment and waste disposal amongst other things.


Course Certification

Upon completion of your course you will receive the following certificates:

  • HLTSS00066 – Infection control in food handling
  • HLTINFCOV001 – Compliance with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • Post-course assistance – suite of procedures and checklists for learners that can be adapted to any workplace setting.


Enrolment Details

On successful completion of the course learners will receive a Statement of Attainment.

Currently the fee for service students is $350 and students who are eligible for subsidised training will pay as little as $0. To find out if you are eligible for government funding, read our enrolment form.

*  This infection control course is currently available to South Australian residents only.