Food Handling Certificate

What is food handling?

Food handling is the safe storage, management and preparation of foods, including perishables and meats, to reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from foodborne illnesses.

Do I need to take a food handling course?

Food handlers need the knowledge and skills required to keep food safe for the jobs they carry out in a business however there is no requirement that food handlers must hold any certification to handle food. If you are a professional in the industry, or beginning your career, a food handling certificate can give you a step up compared to other professionals. It also provides you with essential insights and knowledge regarding food handling best practice.

Benefits of food handling course

  • Reduce risk of food poisoning

When workers in a food business have a clearer understanding of responsible food handling, it will reduce or remove the risk to individuals of food poisoning.

  • Improved behaviours

With the right principles and obligations workers will approach food handling more seriously, ensuring better service and a safer business.

  • Manage waste

Training can help with quality control and management of product supply and demand. This visibility will help manage waste more effectively.

If a food business has multiple staff, it is a great idea to organise training for each worker so everyone understands proper food handling.

Risks of improper food handling

  • Cross-contamination: If different types of food are not handled properly there is a risk of cross-contamination such as cutting vegetables on the same board used to cut raw meat.
  • Bacterial growth: Leaving food in the wrong conditions or leaving food past its use-by date can lead to bacteria growing which can cause foodborne illness.
  • Spread of viruses: If proper hygiene with food is not practised, it can spread viruses from the food or from the food handler.
  • Impact on business reputation: Overall, if a business is known for having caused food poisoning, customers will decline and the business may suffer a financial impact. Improper food handling does not just influence health and safety.

Food handling for Covid-19

In the current climate it is more imperative than ever to ensure safety measures are undertaken when handling food. Usually, multiple people will be in contact with food, from delivery through to preparation and cooking. CHT offers infection control training for customer-facing staff to ensure best practices for the safety of customers and employees are maintained.

Enquire with CHT about our food handling course

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