Silver Service Waiting Course

A restaurant experience can be made or broken by the service provided. In our Waiter Training Course you will learn the very best service styles with tips and skills to ensure you can provide a memorable experience to the tables you serve.

This ‘hands on’ Waiter Training course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain the skills to become a quality waiter.
Most bars will only employ staff who have these skills as more and more bars rely on their dining areas, casual or formal, to keep their patrons returning. If you have both bar, barista and waiter skills you can be utilised in all areas, making you an attractive option for any employer.

Upon the completion of the course, a non-accredited certificate will be issued detailing what you have learnt.

This training takes place in a purpose built classroom, Gillian’s Cafe Restaurant and covers the following subjects:

  • Table Setting
  • Greeting Guests
  • Silver Service
  • Sales Techniques
  • Taking the Order
  • Plate Service
  • Serviette Folding
  • Customer Relations