Looking for work to supplement study? Looking for a first job? Looking for a new job? Maybe a career change on a cruise ship? A career with management opportunities? A chance to work your way around the world? Hospitality can take you so many places with endless opportunities!

Complete Hospitality Training offers a range of different courses from our comprehensive Hospitality Course through to our short courses including RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling), Barista Coffee, Food Handling, Food Safety, Waiter / Food and Beverage Service and Bartending courses.

It’s not only important to have the right qualifications, you also need the qualifications from the right college. Complete Hospitality Training is well known for equipping new employees with all the skills they need to walk straight into a job. Time is money so most employers will not employ people who they have to spend time training. They’ll expect you to arrive equipped with the RSA, RSG, Food Handling, Barista, Bartending and Food and Beverage service skills and CURRENT qualifications. We are known among Melbourne’s hospitality employers as meeting and exceeding all their requirements and expectations.

Whether you’re a total beginner or looking for advanced, specialised training we have a course for you. Get a group together and we can even tailor a course especially for you.


Hospitality Short Courses we offer:

Hospitality Qualifications

Graduates who complete their Certificate IV will also receive certificates for the responsible service of alcohol and food safety supervisor, complemented by well developed bartending, coffee making and food and beverage service skills. They will have the leadership skills to manage and lead others within a business, along with a grounding in the financial and operational foundations of running a leading hospitality venue.

Hospitality Package Course

This comprehensive course covers the practical skills and national qualifications you need to obtain employment in the hospitality industry and is highly regarded amongst employers.  This course includes RSA, Food Handling, Food Safety, Waiter Training, Barista Coffee and much more!

RSA Melbourne (Responsible service of Alcohol Certificate)

The RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate is a requirement to work in the industry in Victoria.  Complete Hospitality Training offers the best value RSA Course in Melbourne.  We are approved by the VCGLR.   Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes are available.

Cocktail Bartending Course

The bartending course in Melbourne will equip you with all the skills and the confidence you need to get work behind the bar. The course will cover everything you need to know including, pulling beers to tapping kegs to making cocktails and providing outstanding customer service.

Barista Coffee Course

There are a number of coffee training schools in Melbourne.  Complete Hospitality Training offers the best quality course in Melbourne.  Before you book any coffee course, make sure you ask how many coffee machines they have and how many students they take.  We guarantee you will have your own machine for the whole course.

RSG Melbourne

The RSG – Responsible Service of Gambling certificate is a legal requirement to work in any gaming venue.  Complete Hospitality Training’s RSG course has been approved by the VCGLR.

Food Handling course and Food Safety Supervisors

All hospitality staff handling perishable food items are required to have the Food Handling certificate.  Each food service establishment must have a Food Safety Supervisor.  Depending on your level or responsibility, if you’re working in the hospitality industry you will need one of these certificates.

Restaurant Waiting

This hands-on course is ideal for people who wish to gain the skills necessary to become a waiter. An increasingly high percentage of today’s hospitality staff must be versatile and able to work in all areas and this course makes it easier to secure the right job for you.