Bartending Course – Cocktail

Cocktails & Mixology – Learn How to Prepare and Serve Cocktails

Complete Hospitality Training’s (CHT’s) bartending course offers a variety of modules to help you with all elements of bartending, including cash handling, management of bars, and mixology. One of the most exciting parts of bartending is the art of cocktail preparation. Below are some of the fundamentals you will learn.


Traditional cocktails

There is an array of traditional cocktails that you will want to perfect before you get behind a bar. Master the perfect Old Fashioned, craft a fresh Mojito, or a classic Tom Collins. Mixology classes will give you all the tips and tricks to making the perfect classic cocktail, and the ways to present them.

Modern cocktails

The classics are a necessity, but there are several modern creations that you will want to have up your sleeve. Think classics but with a twist, like the Espresso Martini. Exploring modern cocktail mixes is a great way to use your creativity and experiment with different flavours. A good bartender will be able to master any cocktail creation.

Mixing and preparing cocktails

Presentation is everything when it comes to cocktails. The way you mix and prepare a cocktail will influence the flavours of the drink. Cocktail preparation requires different methods, depending on the mix, including:

  • Shaking and straining
  • Stirring and mixing
  • Using a blender
  • Layering (or floating) ingredients
  • Flaming a cocktail
  • Muddling ingredients in the glass
  • Rimming a cocktail glass
  • Garnishing

You will learn all these techniques during your mixology class.

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